• Cathy Holligan

Choose the Right Foods for YOUR Body

What am I supposed to be eating?

I get this question a lot. There are so many different diets out there and the status of foods being good or bad for us, fluctuate like the weather. It’s certainly hard to keep up. When it comes to which foods we should be eating, there is no one right answer. We would all benefit from a diet rich in whole, clean foods - anything that didn’t come out of a package. Yet which of those unprocessed foods will depend highly on the individual. In our fast paced lives, we seek convenience and instant gratification but figuring out what to eat for your body, takes time. Luckily, our bodies are amazing vessels designed to send us signals when something isn’t right. Pay attention and listen closely. Identifying and eliminating certain foods may restore your energy and focus, as well as improve your digestion. Bloated, is no way to go through life. Are there any foods in question for you? Alternatively, are there certain foods that have a positive affect on you? Mindful eating provides the awareness of your body’s response to various foods and could be the link to answering the age old question of: What should I be eating?

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